How to Volunteer

Do you or your organization desire to serve the poor and the disadvantaged?

If your answer is YES, then, be a part of the growing number of volunteers at DSWD through the Bayanihang Bayan National Volunteer Program.

The DSWD provides you or your organization with opportunities to render volunteer service in the implementation of social welfare and development programs.

Here is more information about this program.

What is the Bayanihang Bayan Program (BBP) for Volunteers?

The BBP is a volunteer program that aims to build strong partnership between the government and private sector in implementing government programs and projects. Memorandum Order No. 45 signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in December 2001 mandates all government agencies to implement the Bayanihang Bayan Program (BBP) for Government Service.

At the DSWD, the BBP has been integrated into the Department's National Volunteer Program, which provides opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to extend voluntary service in the implementation of social welfare and development as well as disaster operations.

Who is a Volunteer?

A volunteer is an individual or a group of individuals who can contribute time, service and resources for a "not-for-profit" cause, in the belief that the assistance rendered would be beneficial to others and satisfy personal need to help.

To be a volunteer, please

1. Register online; or
2. Contact the Regional Bayanihang Bayan Desk Officer in your region.