Areas of Deployment

There are four areas where volunteers may be deployed at the Department, with underlying services that volunteers may render, namely:

1. DSWD Residential Facilities

1.1. Administrative and Professional Services - aimed at augmenting existing staff capability in residential facilities in performing duties such as clerical work, liaising, nursing or care giving, house parenting, legal assistance, etc.

1.2. Economic and Livelihood - provision of opportunities to acquire gainful occupation/livelihood through practical skills development like food processing, handicraft, vegetable gardening, welding, etc.

1.3. Education and Advocacy - aimed at improving the literacy and knowledge of residents such as formal education, literacy training, tutorials, computer workshop, etc.

1.4. Physical and Health - aimed at improving the physical and health aspects of residents such as medical and dental services, psychiatric consultations and counseling, feeding programs, etc.

1.5. Socio-cultural - provision of indoor and outdoor activities such as art/voice/dancing/acting lessons, socializing, storytelling, games, puppetry, etc.

1.6. Spiritual and Moral - provision of varied spiritual activities aimed at strengthening the resident's faith and relationship with God, values formation, and values inculcation.

2. DSWD Central or Regional Offices

2.1. Office-based Services - professional and administrative services aimed at augmenting the existing staff capability in offices in performing duties such as research work, information technology, clerical work, liaising, etc.

2.2. Community-based Services - professional and administrative services aimed at addressing the needs of community-beneficiaries such as case management, legal assistance, community development, education and advocacy, infrastructure development e.g. Kalahi-CIDSS, SEA-K and 4Ps programs.

3. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) - volunteer work along disaster risk reduction and management such as mitigation activities, preparation activities, disaster response and recovery e.g. psychosocial support, provision of psychological first aids, support to camp management, repacking and distributing of relief goods to disaster victims, etc.

4. DSWD Licensed/Accredited NGOs - volunteer work with DSWD Licensed/Accredited NGOs.