Volunteer Criteria

Group and individual volunteers must meet the following basic criteria:

1. Must be at least 15 years of age, provided those who are at least 15 to below 18 years old may be eligible to volunteer only in non-hazardous and simple activities and have parental consent;
2. Must be willing to commit his/her time, resources and/or talent and be assigned to a specific work without material or financial remuneration;
3. Must be willing to learn and undergo training on volunteerism and specialized skills, if needed;
4. Must be willing to abide by the policies of the respective assignment/deployment areas;
5. Must present any valid ID for identification such as school, company or government-issued ID;
6. Must have at least two (2) character reference and a Barangay Clearance where he/she resides;
7. Must be physically and mentally capable to render volunteer work. If warranted, this must be certified by a licensed physician or a psychologist.