How to Volunteer

Do you or your organization desire to serve the poor and the disadvantaged?

If your answer is YES, then, be a part of the growing number of volunteers at DSWD through the Bayanihang Bayan National Volunteer Program.

The DSWD provides you or your organization with opportunities to render volunteer service in the implementation of social welfare and development programs.

Here is more information about this program.

What is the Bayanihang Bayan Program (BBP) for Volunteers?

The BBP is a volunteer program that aims to build strong partnership between the government and private sector in implementing government programs and projects. Memorandum Order No. 45 signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in December 2001 mandates all government agencies to implement the Bayanihang Bayan Program (BBP) for Government Service.

At the DSWD, the BBP has been integrated into the Department's National Volunteer Program, which provides opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to extend voluntary service in the implementation of social welfare and development as well as disaster operations.

Who is a Volunteer?

A volunteer is an individual or a group of individuals who can contribute time, service and resources for a "not-for-profit" cause, in the belief that the assistance rendered would be beneficial to others and satisfy personal need to help.

What are the Types of Volunteer Assistance?

Volunteer assistance is classified as:

1. Skill-based volunteer assistance. Examples are medical and dental doctors who are engaged in volunteer work within their field of expertise;
2. " Interest-based volunteer assistance. Examples are individuals with interest in disaster operations who volunteer for activities related to disaster operations;
3. Resource-based volunteer assistance. Examples are individuals and groups who volunteer their resources, other than manpower, to undertake a project.

Where can interested volunteers render their services?

The Bayanihang Bayan Program encourages volunteer placement in various DSWD offices, centers and institutions as well as in community based activities such as disaster operations:

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How are Volunteers Placed?

Volunteers are placed in centers and institutions or in communities where their interest, knowledge, skills can be best put to use. Volunteer assistance are along the following:

I. Professional Service

1. Legal
2. Medical and dental
3. Spiritual
4. Psychological
5. Research, survey and special studies
6. Mentoring and tutoring

II. Caregiving and Homelife Activities

1. Feeding and bathing of clients
2. Recreation, socio-cultural and sports activities

III. Administrative Support

1. Office work (e.g. filing, encoding, and record management)
2. Skill-based (e.g. plumbing, painting and typing)

IV. Capability building

1. Continuing education
2. Vocational skills training
3. Conduct and facilitation of training

V. Disaster Risk Management and Response

1. Disaster Preparedness
Risk analysis
Individual, Family & Community Disaster Preparedness Training
Basic Survival Skills/First Aid Training
Stockpiling & Repacking of Relief Goods/Emergency Supplies
Resource Generation

2. Disaster Response
Rescue & Evacuation
Stress Debriefing
Distribution of Relief Goods
Management of Evacuation Centers
Health & Sanitation Activities

3. Post-Disaster Operations & Rehabilitation
Construction of Emergency and Core Shelters
Skills Training

Who can be a Volunteer?

A Bayanihang Bayan Volunteer Individual must be:

At least 15 years of age. Those below 21 years of age will require the consent of their parent or legal guardian
Physically & mentally capable of rendering volunteer work
Willing to commit his/her/time, resources and talents
Willing to work without material or financial remuneration
Willing to learn and undergo training in volunteerism and specialized skills, if needed
Willing to abide by the policies and procedures of the center/institution/community/ where he/she will be assigned
Willing to be supervised by an assigned DSWD staff and
For foreigners, a showing of legality of stay in the Philippines

A Bayanihang Bayan Volunteer Organization must:
Have physically & mentally fit personnel capable of rendering volunteer work
Be able to provide support or benefit to its members during the course of the volunteer work.
Be willing to commit time, resources and talent to a specific volunteer work without material or financial compensation
Willing to learn and undergo training in volunteerism and specialized skills, if needed
Must be willing to abide by the policies and procedures of the center/institution/community and to be supervised
A bilateral agreement or memorandum of agreement between the head of the organization volunteering and the Philippine government represented by the DSWD Secretary is needed for foreign organizations interested to volunteer

To be a volunteer, please

1. Register online; or
2. Contact the Regional Bayanihang Bayan Desk Officer in your region for inquiries on volunteer opportunities.