Volunteer Engagement Process

1. Registration – an individual or organization registers on-line or walk-in.

2. Recruitment – involves selection or matching of the DSWD’s volunteer service needs against the skills, qualifications, preferences, etc. of registered volunteers.  The screening process is to ensure that a volunteer meet the specified criteria and is fit for the volunteer work.  Note: In an emergency setting, the procedures for recruitment may be temporarily waived and expedited.

3.  Pre-deployment and Initial Orientation - the conduct of pre-deployment general orientation to volunteers using an orientation module that contains:

• DSWD’s Vision, Mission, Goals, Programs and Services
• Orientation on volunteerism
• Specific office policies to be observed by the volunteers throughout the deployment period
• Specific work/services needed and output expected
• Duties and responsibilities of volunteers

4. Deployment – the actual deployment of volunteer to work area under a supervisor.  The supervisor shall conduct onsite or specific orientation about the programs or services and may provide training and/or demonstration of work.  The volunteer is expected to observe logging of attendance, follow DSWD’s policies and procedures, and comply with agreed work plan, if there is.

5. Submission of Accomplishment Reports – the volunteer is expected to submit, to and as agreed with the supervisor, accomplishment reports using a provided template during and after deployment.

6. Post-deployment – conduct of exit activities such as interviews, reflection sessions, debriefing, or redress of grievance to volunteers.  Capability-building activities may be provided for continuing volunteers.

7. Recognition and Affirmation – ihe individual volunteer or organization who have rendered volunteer work regardless of duration shall be provided with a Certificate of Appreciation.