DSWD acknowledges contributions of the Youth National Service volunteers

“As a youth, I have many things to discover and when I entered DSWD as a volunteer, I found out that all the things I need to explore are here. This is not an ordinary experience because as a youth I can also give unselfish service to the public.”

Thus, said Lucky Jay Untalasco, one of the DSWD volunteers under the Youth National Service (YNS) Volunteer Program of the government. He has been assigned with the Supply Unit and has experienced relief activities of DSWD particularly during the onslaught of Typhoon Pepeng last year.

With the support of Regional Director Leonardo C. Reynoso to the plight of the youth, there are 21 YNS volunteers who are rendering voluntary services to  DSWD. Through this YNS Program, the youth are able to maximize their skills and knowledge relative to work opportunities in the different fields.

At present, they are assigned in the different centers and institutions and in the Local Government Units of Anda, Pangasinan and Offices of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development of Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur to assist in center activities and in the implementation and monitoring of rehabilitation assistance projects.

Rendering volunteer works with the DSWD, is a chance given to every  youth to experience working for the less and vulnerable through good quality service, said Lucky Jay in an interview with him.

Lucky Jay is among the YNS volunteers who worked with massive repacking of relief goods and in the hauling of relief goods from the Central Office brought by Philippine Air Force Crew.

Likewise, Dharyl Fontanos, a nursing undergraduate assigned at the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth (RRCY)  is a diligent volunteer who  provides diverse services to the center. He teaches the resident-clients through the Alternative Learning System (ALS), accompanies clients to hospitals, and organizes musical-oriented activities and theater production. He also goes to the Center during weekends if requested by the management.

Relatively, a visually-impaired YNS volunteer, Arriane Casugay has developed her self-esteem and had overcome social stigma brought by her disability because of her various exposure to clientele groups and working environment of DSWD.

There are also volunteers who were assigned at the DSWD centers like Home for Girls and Haven for Children. They were tasked to conduct tutorial services to clients and help facilitate skills development and other therapeutic activities.

The lives of these volunteers are slowly making an impact not only to their fellow youth who still have dreams for better opportunities but more so with the clients who were relieved in their distressful situations  because of the DSWD programs they availed in which one way or another provided through these volunteers.  (Written by: Iryn Q. de los Reyes, DSWD Field Office I)